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Thinkbio Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialising in the development of biological products to improve the sustainability of food and fibre production globally.

Thinkbio is working with growers around the world to better manage and reduce the quantity of synthetic fertiliser used in global crop production thereby making a positive contribution to reducing global emissions and nitrate leaching into ground and surface water.

Kreotec is Thinkbio’s flagship product which uses bacteria to deliver a sustainable form of nitrogen to agricultural crops. This increased nitrogen delivery enables growers to reduce synthetic nitrogen fertiliser use by up to 40%, resulting in a reduction of input cost to growers, improved soil health and increased yields with less environmental impact.

Thinkbio has traditionally worked in markets overseas impacted by the tough legislation around the application and timing of synthetic fertiliser. This regulation is being driven by high levels of nitrate leaching into ground and surface water and the production of greenhouse emissions related to the production and use of nitrogen fertiliser. This combined with growing awareness of soil health and need to reduce inputs, has created a strong market opportunity for Kreotec.

At Thinkbio, we believe that now is the time to focus on the Australian market and work with growers and industry groups to help tackle the challenge of reducing inputs whilst maintaining or increasing productivity. We are actively seeking growers who are interested to conduct trials with Kreotec, lowering their input costs by $20-$40/ha and positively impacting their soil, environment and planet. Summer crops of interest are, but not limited to, rice, cotton, soybean, maize and pasture.


Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Morocco, USA

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