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SWAN Systems

SWAN Systems is a precision irrigation tool developed to help enterprise scale irrigators make data-driven, proactive decisions to optimise water and nutrient use, as well as reduce harmful environmental impacts such as nutrient leaching and runoff. SWAN has the power to schedule irrigation seven days out, manage nutrient applications, monitor crop health, and create water and nutrient budgets.

SWAN Systems has been designed to ingest data from an irrigation operation, analyse it, and then provide daily management insights. Data is collected (usually automatically, but sometimes manually if necessary) from irrigation equipment including flow meters, weather stations, soil moisture probes, water test results and satellites. It is then analysed using algorithms that have been refined in the field and calibrated to your soil characteristics, crop growth factors, crop production targets, and water and nutrient budgets to model the historical and predicted soil moisture balances of your fields. The data and outputs of SWAN Systems are accessible through a range of customised reports and data extracts that can be used to fine tune future seasons and continue to improve irrigation operations.

SWAN is unique in the market as it is hardware agnostic – we harvest data from existing on-farm sources. There is no need for our customers to go out and replace their existing hardware to get their data into SWAN. To achieve this, we have in place collaborations with a wide range of hardware companies, covering over 75 commonly used devices.

As well as engaging with our customers and their hardware suppliers, we are actively involved in several research projects with leading Australian institutions including the CSIRO, Wine Australia and the Food Agility CRC. We believe that to keep SWAN Systems current, it needs to incorporate the latest technology and plant management techniques.

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