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Stop Food Waste Australia

Stop Food Waste Australia is a powerful partnership involving organisations who operate along the farm-to-fork food supply chain that are committed to reducing our food waste by half by 2030. With seed funding from the Australian Government and support from state governments, industry, and the food rescue sector this partnership will bring together the brightest minds in food to realise the significant economic, environmental and societal opportunities that come with tackling food waste.

We are an independent long-term partnership that reduces food waste and food insecurity, drives innovation, and improves the Australian food system’s productivity and resilience. We will create real, practical changes like improved packaging and product design and more precise product labelling. We will work to transform surplus food and food processing wastes into new upcycled food products and ingredients, unlocking new value for the industry. Like all system-wide changes, this challenge will require everyone to get onboard. Fortunately, Stop Food Waste Australia benefits from the existing collaborations of the industry-led Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre, the global experience of the UK’s Waste & Action Resources Programme (WRAP), and the fantastic work of our founding partners.

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