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SparkLabs Cultiv8

SparkLabs Cultiv8 identifies the world's leading start-ups working on innovative food and agricultural technology. Our mission is to integrate growth stage Agri-Food Tech companies with researchers, farmers, investors, and global corporate partners, to help digitise agriculture and contribute to a more sustainable future.

SparkLabs Cultiv8 offers founders and start-ups in the Agriculture and Food Technology sectors to experience world class business growth through our Accelerator Program. The global program is a unique opportunity for start-up Agri-Food Tech businesses to enter the next phase of their commercial growth.

Through the program design and delivery, we enable great entrepreneurs to prototype, scale and commercialise their products by providing access to our vast global ecosystem of expertise, tools, and resources. Our world class partnership model enables us to offer unique opportunities for development and growth to founders and start-ups in the Agri-Tech and Food-Tech sectors across the globe. By connecting with our professional network and establishing long-term relationships with industry experts and peers, participants can focus on becoming a future force in food and agricultural technology and services.

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