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Single Agriculture

Single Agriculture has developed the Single Shot UAV weed mapping system for broadacre applications. Single Agriculture sells and services the Single Shot system and is currently seeking investment to assist in manufacturing, distribution and R & D.

As broadacre farmers ourselves, we were dissatisfied with the performance and capability of products that were on the market for selective spraying of weeds. After 10 years of research and development, Single Shot is the first commercial scale application of drone technology for green on brown weed mapping which can be plugged straight into sprayer equipment to target weeds.

By targeting only weeds in fallow situations (so-called green on brown), chemical use is reduced, and environmental impact is also minimised. In addition, if chemical-resistant weeds are detected during weed mapping, the higher-cost chemicals designed for those weeds can be used more selectively.

Investment opportunity

The weed-mapping drone that goes the extra mile, slashing chemical use and saving money

When mechanical and aerospace engineer Ben Single searched fruitlessly for a weed detection technology that suited his family’s broadacre farming business, he took on the challenge and developed Single Shot – a drone that can map up to 1,500 hectares a day and deliver a selective spraying solution for weeds that cuts chemical use and reduces environmental impact. Now he’s seeking investors to assist in manufacturing and distribution.  

Commercial opportunities

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Logo for Single Agriculture: Single Shot UAV Weed Mapping – investment opportunity
Multiple industries

Single Agriculture: Single Shot UAV Weed Mapping – investment opportunity

Opportunity for

  • Product distribution and retail agribusiness partnerships
  • Equity investment to support capital expenditure to continue company expansion domestically and overseas
  • Equity investment and commercial partnerships to further product research and development for wider applications
  • Possible partnership/integration with larger retail agribusiness and machinery manufacturers.
  • Led by

    Single Agriculture

  • Opportunity type

    Seeking investment, Seeking partners

  • Readiness
    Late (TRL 8-9)
    Commercial optimisation of the product/service, testing and commercial distribution.

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