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Savannah Sun Foods

Savannah Sun Foods is a food business located in northern Australia, empowering farmers with seeds selected to maximise yield and profitability and creating a premium range of seed oils and grain products, with an established customer market. Our mission is to facilitate opportunities in regional communities and provide a home-grown product to replace imported goods.

They are converting 15 years of crop research outcomes into viable commercial opportunities for Australian growers. Using experience in agronomy, research, breeding, marketing and agribusiness development, to connect the paddock to the plate. The business is involved from seed selection to manufacturing and on sale of premium quality, natural products for the food, beauty and health industry.

Their aim is to displace over $75 million worth of imported products annually. Savannah Sun Foods products are unrefined and raw, gluten free and vegan friendly - perfect for the health-conscious consumer (and what is a growing market). The premium oil range is in market and the product range continues to expand.


Cairns, Queensland

Organisation type

Private research organisation, Research service providers, Startup or Scaleup or SME


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