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Qponics Limited

Qponics is addressing the looming global protein deficit by building a droughtproof marine bioproducts industry in Australia to produce protein at unprecedented yields and economically sustained through the co-production of high-value oils.

The UN warns protein production must increase by 70% to feed a global 9.8 billion population by 2050. This Challenge cannot be addressed by boosting livestock and broadacre farming due to insufficient grazing and arable land, and fisheries are in decline. The UN’s IPCC reports signalled that the frequency and severity of droughts will worsen the predicted protein deficit.

Qponics has demonstrated at its pilot facility in Brisbane, a high-tech and drought-proof marine microalgae farming process that addresses the Challenge. Our economically sustainable farming process will produce 1 kg of protein on 0.1% and 3% of the land area required for beef and soybean/chickpea production respectively, with zero requirements for rainfall or irrigation.

Watch more about Qponics Qponics transformative drought-proof microalgae farm:

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