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PTM Solutions

PTM Solutions Australia is an international consultancy business specialising in developing pathways to market for new technologies and products generated from the Australian agrifood innovation system. PTM Solutions provides an integrated platform that will allow clients to progress along the pathway to market for their agbiotech and agrifood technologies or products. The key services provided by PTM Solutions include:

  1. Regulatory Affairs & Risk Management–Providing advisory services to assist clients in the development, implementation and/or review of quality and compliance management systems. This includes regulatory submissions and associated compliance packages for research, development and commercial release approvals of life science products.
  2. Strategic & Risk Communication–Training and operational implementation of a bespoke-based approach for communicating effectively in high concern, low trust, sensitive, or controversial situations i.e. situations where there is a high level of perceived risk.
  3. Business Development–Facilitated advisory services to assist clients in the development, implementation and/or review of business processes to meet their business objectives. This includes strategy development and implementation, monitoring and evaluation frameworks, process design, development, implementation and improvement and product development.
  4. Operational Management & Control–Providing technical and operational expertise in creating, implementing and managing quality focused business services such as facility management, project, program and partnership management, process implementation and accreditation. Specialising in providing practical solutions that address health and safety, quality assurance, product and process reliability, protection of the environment, natural resource conservation and client satisfaction.

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