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Optomni is an Agtech company dedicated to digitalising the fresh & perishables supply chain with OmniOrder®, our AI-driven trading & optimisation platform that helps growers and wholesalers reach more customers, streamline inventory & ordering processes and reduce waste through demand prediction and automated supply matching.

OmniOrder® is a multi-vendor trading & supply chain platform that allows a seamless e-commerce experience for commercial buyers integrated with powerful fulfilment and supply chain optimisation tools for growers and wholesalers to ensure that supply is always connected to demand.

One-third of food produced and half of fresh produce is wasted costing the global economy nearly a trillion dollars a year. OmniOrder® saves time for both buyers and sellers, gives growers an additional channel to market, reduces ordering mistakes, and most importantly, reduces inventory devaluation and losses, reducing the rate of food waste in the supply chain and at the farm.


Adelaide, South Australia

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Startup or Scaleup or SME



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