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New South Wales Farmers' Association (NSW Farmers)

NSW Farmers is an Association of farmers and stakeholders of the agricultural industry. Our members gather in branches right across NSW to discuss the issues affecting their businesses and to learn about agricultural topics. The grassroot branch structure creates a framework for agricultural knowledge transfer and for identifying the issues that affect farmers at local, state and federal levels.

NSW Farners Association members come from every aspect of the farming sector. To be eligible for a voting membership of NSW Farmers members are required to have a proprietorial interest in a farming enterprise, be the manager of a farm or have close employment or family connections with an existing NSW Farmers' member.

NSW Farmers is a lobby group for the farming sector, championing the rights of farmers and rural communities at all levels of government and with industry stakeholders. We are apolitical, independent from government, and our policy is driven from the grassroots up.

NSW Farmers are a Not For Profit and act proactively, responsively and with integrity.

Our farmers continue to face a growing number of challenges from home and abroad, challenges that impact on farmers’ lives, farmers’ business and the future of our state and country. It is the responsibility of each and every farmer in NSW to face these challenges, make their voice heard and ensure that they are a member of NSW Farmers.


New South Wales

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