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New South Wales Farmers' Association (NSW Farmers)

NSW Farmers represents the interests of farmers across New South Wales.

We are Australia's largest state farming organisation with members growing food and fibre for the domestic and export markets from beef, sheep and goal meat to wool, grains, cotton, horticulture, poultry, dairy, oysters, eggs and pork.

We work closely with kindred organisations and stakeholders to ensure a bright future for our members and the rural and regional communities where they live.

Our association champions the views and aspirations of our members in Macquarie Street and Canberra.

We support public policy and technical innovation aimed at:

  • growing agriculture's contribution to the Australian economy
  • a sustainable physical environment reflecting the dedicated stewardship of our farmers and
  • world's best production and marketing practices, joining science and the practical expertise of our farmers.


New South Wales

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