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New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI)

NSW DPI has a 130 year history of delivering research, development and adoption programs that matter to industry, government and regional communities. We provide services to grow primary industries in NSW and protect them from threats posed by biosecurity risks, natural disasters and unsustainable practices. Through our RD&A portfolio, we aim to increase the quality and quantity of outputs from primary industries whilst reducing environmental impacts and risk.

NSW DPI forms strategic partnerships with industry and communities to deliver programs that underpin their prosperity and security. We take pride in our practical focus and strive to deliver short-and long-term outcomes that matter on-farm and to consumers, but also positions our State to thrive well into the future.

We carefully and strategically include future-thinking and outward looking initiatives that set ourselves ambitious missions, and use our global connections to establish new partnerships and infrastructure to meet those priorities. We scan industry, market and global research needs and strive to respond to those to benefit our stakeholders.

Our regional locations & network mean DPI staff live and work in the communities they serve, enhancing the delivery of meaningful and practical, applied outcomes from our programs.

Key facts:

  • Highly regarded research capability delivering widely cited and well recognised science.
  • Largest provider of rural R&D in Australia, portfolio of ~$100M per year (half externally-sourced), 600+ scientific and technical staff
  • Ranked in the top 1% of institutions globally in the fields of research of plant & animal sciences, agricultural science and environment & ecology
  • Ranked 14th globally amongst Government organisations for Agricultural, Plant & Animal Science
  • DPI is seeking to join and/or build partnerships, inclusive of the private sector, that bring multiple disciplines, perspectives and resources to bear; engage end users throughout; create pathways to adoption, including commercialisation

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