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Murdoch University Food Futures Institute

The Food Futures Institute at Murdoch University works to provide research based solutions on the sustainable use of limited land and water resources to economically and ethically improve food, forestry and fibre production.

The Institute incorporates three research centres:

  • Animal Production and Health
  • Crop and Food Innovation
  • Sustainable Farming Systems

Each multidisciplinary centre collaborates closely with industry and government partners in Western Australia, nationally and around the world to conduct research, guide best practice and build on the Australian food industry’s “clean and green” global reputation.

The Centre for Animal Production and Health works across the value chain to support the production of meat, milk and fibres for human consumption and use. Research activities include livestock health, welfare, nutrition, reproductive efficiency and growth; meat science and consumer attitudes.

The Centre for Crop and Food Innovation undertakes research on major broadacre and agricultural crops to improve yield, quality and enhance tolerance and protection from biological and environmental stresses.

The Centre for Sustainable Farming Systems works to increase farm productivity without further degrading water, land and soils. Addressing the challenges posed by climate change and increasing human population, its research focuses on optimising crop production in rotation with legume pastures, and increasing biological nitrogen fixation while minimising impact on the environment.

Our successes range from MSA certification of beef and lamb quality, double cropping, reduced tillage practices and improved use of saline land and water, to creating better Wagyu marbled beef and better malting barley for beer.

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