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Independent Consultants Australia Network (ICAN)

ICAN specialises in the facilitation of change management in Australian broadacre crops. Established in 1995, the company mission was to link researchers, technology providers, advisers and growers. This vision continues as the driving force behind ICAN.

ICAN has delivered Grains Research Updates in the northern grains region for the GRDC since pitching this project to the GRDC in 1995. This project has stood the test of time as it has met a need to deliver timely, targeted new research outcomes curated to meet the needs of NSW and Qld growers and agronomists.

The ICAN team of three senior consultants and two admin staff, also deliver a range of training workshops targeted to grain growers, and more often to their agronomists. Using specialist in-house expertise and broad industry networks at the national level, a range of technical training workshops are designed and run, with emphasis on crop protection knowledge and skills targeted to agronomists. To augment training workshops, multiple technical manuals have also been written.

Other projects include market research into the information and training needs of agronomists, including understanding of how they assimilate new information and their preferred delivery platforms and timelines. As a result of long term delivery of Updates for the GRDC and multiple other projects, ICAN has unparalleled knowledge of the information needs of Australian grain growers and their agronomists, as well as an up to date understanding of what research is being undertaken to meet these needs.

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