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HydGene Renewables

HydGene Renewables: On-demand renewable hydrogen from bio-waste. As synthetic biologists and engineers, at HydGene Renewables, we are revolutionising the way we produce chemicals – such as hydrogen – a clean fuel that will enable the world to reach its net zero-carbon emissions target. We have engineered a biocatalyst solution that generates carbon-neutral and high purity hydrogen from renewable plant-based feedstocks such as straw, hay, sugar-cane, wood-chips and food-waste.

We can make the clean hydrogen on-site and on-demand; and so eliminate the need, complexities, and high costs to store hydrogen and transport it to the end-user. Our hydrogen producing biocatalyst solution is deployed in a modular cartridge which can be readily scaled to support the decarbonisation of major existing hydrogen industries including the farming, chemical manufacturing, and the transportation sectors.

Another advantage of our solution is that our biocatalyst does not require sun or wind to generate power. As such, we can make the hydrogen around-the-clock, or better still, only when it is needed. Our safe solution reliably ‘fills the renewable energy gap’ and can provide value adding opportunities for the agricultural and food-waste sectors.

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