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HiveIQ redesigned the beehive with advanced material design and manufacturing in Mitchell ACT. Our high density EPS factory is the most advanced in the southern hemisphere, we use it to build the most sophisticated beehive on the global market.

The beekeeping industry is dominated by 1850’s technology, with timber hives and note pads and is facing significant economic, environmental and regulatory pressures. HiveIQ sells the only end to end agritech system for beekeeping and pollination on the global market.

The HiveIQ EPS beehive keeps the colony dry and warm throughout winter and cool, productive and healthy throughout summer. Honeybees thrive in a thermally superior, more hygienic HiveIQ beehive. We’re for healthy bees.

HiveIQ onboard sensors include weight, humidity, temperature and geo location. We deployed 300+ sensors in the field to complete beeta testing for launch in 2024. Our software is for every beekeeper. HiveIQ Software beeta 1.0 was launched in 2022 and engaged over a 1000 beekeepers to test, develop and refine our software for the launch of Clover 2.0 in 2024. It will be the most comprehensive apiculture software suite available.

Sites, apiaries and hives equipped with our agritech will drive workforce productivity, small business growth and sector wide efficiencies. Honey production and pollination data will empower agribusiness, generate food tracking source ID and meet regulatory requirements with digital reporting on demand.

Our hiveware, sensors and software are industry leading products in their own right. Together they are the only complete agritech system in the world for beekeeping and pollination industries.

We currently sell in Australia and export to the United States and Canada. These markets more than consume our output, so we are growing fast. In 2024 / 25 we will be broadening our export markets to include South America, South Asia and Europe.

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