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Hive Haven

Hive Haven farm both European Honey Bees and Australian stingless native bees. We are an innovative company with a passion for smart farming technology. Co-founders, Ann and Jeff Ross have designed and manufactured an award-winning native bee hive assembly that is proven to alleviate hive overheating and enable the harvest of native honey & propolis. Native bee honey and propolis is a gaining in popularity. The high antibacterial,antimicrobial properties are comparable with medical-grade Manuka honey. Hive Haven sees the opportunity to help farmers produce high value export quality products (honey & propolis) whilst safeguarding their future pollination needs. More importantly, Hive Haven is dedicated to bee hive innovation and technology that will keep bees safe from climate change.

Hive Haven has native bee hives on display at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Ginger Factory, Australia Parliament House Canberra. In additon, our hives have been included in research projects with the University of Western Sydney and the University of the Sunshine Coast.

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