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Haskaps of Oz

Haskaps of Oz is evaluating varieties of haskap berries to introduce to Australian commercial berry growers - and interested home-growers.

Preliminary research has suggested haskap berries could have an anti-oxidant level 4-5 times greater than a blueberry with anthocyanins potentially 130 times higher. The rising awareness of the importance of healthy foods will greatly influence demand. Commercial blueberry growers are very interested because this berry does not suffer from rust. Furthermore, it is early maturing being 'harvestable' late november/early december so it will extend their harvest period. The export potential of this berry is massive - huge demand in Japan while a standing order for a large volume of fruit has also come from a South Korean pharmaceutical/food organisation.

Haskapas of Oz is currently cultivating plants from tissue culture replication (developed in Canada by the University of Saskatchewan from Japanese Haskap) and aiming to supply the berry products as fresh fruit. Future plan is to expand to the food and beverage industry and supply haskap berries to companies as a raw material for wine, liqueurs, chocolates, chutneys and jams preparation.

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