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Griffith University

Griffith University offers multi-disciplinary research and development and workforce training for agribusiness, including:

  • Using genetic pathway to improve plant breeds and disease diagnosis for grains, fruits, horticultural crops and aquaculture (e.g. lentil, chickpea, papaya, pearl, oyster and tuna).
  • Forest and orchard management, e.g. pollination and crop nutrition for fruits and nuts; role of Honey Bees.
  • Soil health, microbial activity and fertilizer management including monitoring and management of nutrient, temperature, moisture and pH in soil, root studies and soil-plant interactions.
  • Real time sensing and imaging technologies, spatial mapping, data analytics and software for aquaculture, crops, forest, nuts, soil, fertilizer, pest and disease monitoring and management.
  • R&D and discovering new drug candidates for animal health applications, e.g. antimicrobial, anti-giardia, anti ring worm and animal vaccines, based on an innovative vaccine platform technology.
  • Our extensive natural product and synthetic chemical libraries are available for screening for any animal health, pesticide and insecticide applications. We can test for antioxidant content of agricultural food products and for downstream beneficial (or harmful) effects of foods and food additives in cancer prevention or development.
  • Water quality and security: technologies, policy and communities.
  • Food trade, supply chain management and blockchain development, including mapping export opportunities, profiling markets, value chain research, consumer insights and new product development in Australia, Indo-pacific and Asian markets.
  • Advices on legal and IP issues of adoption and uptake of digital technologies in agricultural industries including livestock, genetic resources, food security, climate changes and agriculture production-chain.

Griffith University currently hosts ARC Industry Hub - Driving Farming Productivity and Disease Prevention that brings together 5 Industry (including strawberry farm and lobster producer), 6 universities and csiro under $5million ARC grant with matched funding. The Hub aims to increase farm production and disease prevention through advancing and transferring new artificial intelligence technologies into agriculture deployment.

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