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GO Resources

GO Resources is an Australian technology business focused on the sustainable production and supply of a plant based unique super high oleic acid (a renewable and biodegradable raw material) for use in industrial and oleochemical markets.

Oleic acid is a naturally occurring and industrially significant fatty acid, traditionally sourced at much lower levels from palm, tallow and other oilseed crops.

In 2015 GO Resources obtained an exclusive worldwide licence from CSIRO to commercialise Super High Oleic Safflower Oil (SHOSO).

GO Resources' target markets for SHOSO include Australian and international manufacturers of bio-based industrial formulations, transformer oils, healthy food oils and personal care.

The SHOSO oil replaces traditional oils that are more harmful to the environment, being biodegradable and recyclable its use results in a ‘net zero carbon’ cycle.

The performance of SHOSO technology has been confirmed in the laboratory and in field trials, with regulatory approval being obtained in 2018 from the OGTR which granted GO Resources a License to commercially grow SHO safflower.

GO Resources contracted its first commercial SHO safflower crops in Australia in 2019. It intends to expand its contract growing program for SHO safflower in coming yformulations, transformer oils, healthy food oils and personal care markets.


Australia and global

Organisation type

Startup or Scaleup or SME

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Commercial opportunities

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Logo for Unique plant bio-based super high oleic safflower oil, replacing petroleum and palm oil based products
Multiple industries

Unique plant bio-based super high oleic safflower oil, replacing petroleum and palm oil based products

Opportunity for

Investors to support the company growth ($5M capital raise) to produce fully biodegradable bio-lubricants, transformer oils, cosmeceuticals and food products, this may include:

  • Equity investors interested in exploring co-investment opportunities
  • Joint venture
  • Global manufacturers of petroleum based lubricants
  • Exclusive management of the entire supply chain.


  • Led by

    GO Resources

  • Opportunity type

    Seeking investment, Seeking partners

  • Readiness
    Late (TRL 8-9)
    Commercial optimisation of the product/service, testing and commercial distribution.

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