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Feldklasse GmbH

Feldklasse is a manufacturer of weeders for agriculture, horticulture and herbiculture. We focus on innovative solutions to existing problems.

Our main focus is on these applications:

  • Weeding between narrow rows, for example in baby spinach or rocket, or between double rows, for example in organic carrots.
  • Weeding under a thick layer of mulch (even transfer mulch is possible).
  • inter-row and in-row weeding, controlled by an optical AI system.

The machines are driven by a tractor or robot and have a working width of 1.3 - 6 m. Feldklasse is a scale-up from Germany, founded in 2018 because André was tired of weeding by hand on his father's farm while planes flew overhead. There had to be a good mechanical solution!

In 2024, Feldklasse has sold over 200 machines in Europe and neighbouring countries. Meanwhile, Feldklasse is also starting to sell in Australia - as in Europe, only direct sales and service without dealers to ensure the best and fastest service. Feldklasse is looking for first reference customers and multipliers. In the medium term we are also interested in research and development collaborations for a sustainable future agriculture.

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