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Eco Caviar Pty Ltd

Eco Caviar Pty Ltd is a Start-up that has developed a unique process for manufacturing monodisperse granules from natural food ingredients to produce the world’s first sustainable ‘nature identical’ Beluga caviar. The breakthrough technology platform combines premium quality Australian sourced natural ingredients, with a homogenised whole egg base to produce ‘nature identical’ caviar.

Eco Caviar can manufacture a premium Australian caviar-alternative that is completely sustainable. Eco Caviar’s patented ‘liquid granulation’ process involves a proprietary process and formulae that preserves the natural properties, valuable nutrients, individual characteristic flavours, textures and aromas. Every step of the process is energy efficient, resulting in a very low carbon footprint. Eco Caviar products contain up to 80% egg, which represents a unique opportunity for an enterprising egg producer to access international markets with products generating a ‘cost of egg / factory gate price multiplier’ around 50X.



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