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East West Capital Ltd

East West Capital Limited is a technology investment company based in Sydney, Australia at the National Innovation Centre, Australian Technology Park.

Founded in 2005, East West invests globally in early stage life-sciences and technology companies relevant to tackling the challenges facing the world in the 21st Century.

Our connection with the ARC Centre of Excellence in Synthetic Biology as a Participating Organisation and mentor to Cicada Innovations – Australia’s oldest deep tech incubator, enables us to support innovation in Australian agriculture by providing innovators insights in research and development, access to global capital markets and business development support. This connection with important research and innovation centres combined with our international portfolio and investment linkages allows East West to share our knowledge of global best practices with Australian innovators while providing them with access to local and global collaboration networks.

In the life-sciences, we are focused primarily on the applications of synthetic biology for agriculture, alternative protein production and industrial bio- manufacturing. With a strong agricultural base and proximity to the growth markets of the Asia Pacific region we believe Australia is uniquely positioned to compete in these areas.

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