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Agriculture Victoria

Agriculture Victoria works to grow and protect profitable, sustainable farms in thriving regional and rural communities across Victoria.

Agriculture Victoria Research delivers research and innovation via an ‘innovation ecosystem’ that brings together government, industry, agribusiness and academia into clustered and collaborative networks, delivering productivity and biosecurity outcomes for agriculture.

Our innovation ecosystem connects our science expertise and capabilities to enable science discoveries and efficiencies, fast-track innovations in applications of agricultural technologies, and better manage pest and disease outbreaks. Our network of world-class research facilities located throughout Victoria includes - the AgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience in Bundoora, which provides the core innovation infrastructure in plant, animal and microbial systems biology, as well as ‘big data’ connectivity SmartFarms located in Ellinbank, Hamilton, Horsham, Tatura and Mildura, which actively engage in multi-disciplinary research collaborations and are connected to each other and AgriBio.

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