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Deep Science Ventures

Deep Science Ventures is a group of 40+ exited science entrepreneurs and tech transfer experts who have delivered >39 cutting edge high tech companies with a valuation of $300Mn+.

The heart of what Deep Science Ventures does is venture creation. We don’t attempt to identify valuable intellectual property from amongst the hundreds of thousands of relevant inventions created each year, push academics to start companies, or ‘accelerate’ start-ups that emerged from this process. Instead, we start by taking a systems perspective on high value markets, identifying bottlenecks and commercial constraints, before designing and building “holy grail” companies to transform those markets. Each fully scoped Opportunity Area has the potential to supply 1-3 completely new, high impact, high growth companies over the course of <18 month program.

The emergence of each company concept, based on detailed scoping of technology approaches, is used to attract founder-type scientists and create new startup teams aligned with the best seed stage investment opportunities in those markets. We hire these founders and work with them to hone a business thesis, help them bring onboard experts and advisors, identify customers and follow-through on raising financing from both our funds and external investors through to series A. Through this work we've created >100 high skills jobs, high impact solutions in cancer, Alzheimer’s, soil health, alternative protein, carbon capture, and leveraged invested funds to >10x in areas all around the world.

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Accelerator or Incubator, Investor, Industry consultant, Research funding body, Private research organisation

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