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Deakin University

Deakin University aims to be a catalyst for positive change for the individuals and the communities it serves. This will be achieved by ensuring our teaching, research, partnerships and international programs are relevant, innovative and responsive. By pursuing these objectives, Deakin aspires to be recognised as Australia’s most progressive university.

How we partner with industry and government

Our industry and government partnerships play a pivotal role in developing research solutions that address the needs of Australian communities. Fostering mutually beneficial relationships allows us to:

  • secure funding and external resources for our partners
  • prioritise projects based on community agendas
  • collaborate and share expertise to deliver large scale, high value outcomes
  • develop industry precincts, such as the Geelong Economic Futures Precinct, that provide world-class research and development facilities

We’re ready to rapidly translate ideas and research into tailored practical interventions and scalable commercial solutions, delivering sustainable benefits for your industry and our communities.

Research centres

Centre for Regional and Rural Futures (CeRRF) CeRRF contributes to the design of smarter technologies that provide innovative solutions to regional and rural productivity problems.

Centre for Sustainable Bioproducts (CSB) The Centre for Sustainable Bioproducts (CSB) develops new approaches to convert organic waste (biomass) into sustainable, high-value bioproducts, providing industry partners with the opportunity to test and innovate new processing techniques at a pilot manufacturing scale.

Deakin Marine Research and Innovation Centre (Deakin Marine) Deakin Marine Research and Innovation Centre - Deakin Marine - is Victoria's leading university-based marine centre. Our unrivalled research breadth and expertise drives transformational outcomes for ocean-based economies and the environment.

Our research strengths

Guided by our five impact themes, we bring together different schools of thinking to help us solve some of the biggest, most complex global challenges. This application of shared knowledge keeps people at the centre our research.

Advancing society and culture

Our research helps strengthen society, culture and the economy through creative, contemporary and intercultural approaches to education, the arts and business.

Building safe and secure communities

From strengthening community resilience to the development of cutting-edge cyber security, our cross-disciplinary research builds ethical and innovative solutions to global security problems.

Improving health and wellbeing

Improved health and wellbeing underpins the success of any society, and at Deakin, we’re driving research that impacts lives – globally and locally – in meaningful ways.

Enabling a sustainable world

Sustainable outcomes guide our research from idea to solution and application. We protect and manage our land, air and marine ecosystems; use innovative resource management technologies; and support the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

Designing smarter technologies

We’re developing practical technology with ethical foundations to support a sustainable, progressive society.

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