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Davren Global

Davren Global is commercialising a package of technologies focused around synthetic amorphous silica (SAS) as a novel, safe and effective grain protectant for the control of insect pest infestations in stored grains and cereals. Davren has already demonstrated the effectiveness of its SAS product in the full control of rusty red flour beetle, rusty grain beetle, rice weevil, and sawtoothed grain beetle in wheat, barley and sorghum in its trials . New work is underway to increase the scope of insects controlled and commodities protected.

Davren's products address the important and growing unmet needs of the on-farm and bulk-handling market who seek long-acting, environmentally sensitive and safe grain protectants, in response to the growing expectation of consumers for pest- and chemical residue-free products. Critically, Davren's SAS products also offer an alternative class of protectant that does not suffer from the problems of insect resistance now being seen to common chemical fumigants such as phosphine.

Davren is now partnering with major companies to complete its APVMA regulatory obligations and to develop a distribution and market acceptance pathway. Davren invites third parties to discuss ways that they can be involved in this breakthrough opportunity.

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