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Data Hive Bees Pty Ltd

Data Hive Bees aims to provide more than just apiary services to the industry, there are generational data sources that prove the correlation between pollinators and thriving healthy environments. The common mechanisms between industrial growth and environmental survival are paramount in establishing unimpeded data collection services that promotes industries as good corporate citizens in the environmental and ethical supply guarantee (ESG) space.

Data Hive Bees Pty Ltd is an emerging data provider to the resources, extractive, construction, civils, developers, and agriculture industries. Establishing environmental control data to support preclearance, operational and completion programs that leads to best practice environmental compliance.

Bees are natural data collectors that will support pre-clearance surveys (flora / pollens / water) establishing background control data in identifying chemicals, reagents, heavy metals and pollen identification pre-disturbance or site establishment. These services would then carry into operations where live data is supporting the collection of potential operational impacts (opposed to exceedances) where real time proactive measures can be applied.

Data Hive Bees promotes regeneration and rehabilitation programs through improved pollination of local and introduced plant species. These assist with the return of prescribed / identified areas, thus returning bonds and reducing the disturbance area impact. Faster establishment of local seed / nurseries for revegetation and rehabilitation programs would also benefit from locally placed hives increasing pollination rates. Corporate, Residential and Industry customers wanting to contribute to their local ecosystem and compliment their ESG strategy, can easily achieve this with hive establishment and maintenance services provided by Data Hive Bees.

Technology advancements and research programs will evolve as the data base is populated with varying events and outcomes. aligning with research and development opportunities across the food and agricultural lens will support the coexistence between agriculture, resources and the environmental.

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