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Cotton Australia

The Australian cotton industry provides employment for more than 12,000 people industry-wide (source: Australian Grown Cotton Sustainability Report, 2014) and generates $2 billion per year in export earnings.

Cotton is a major commodity, representing 30 – 60% of the gross value of the total agricultural production in Australian regions where it is grown (source: Australian Grown Cotton Sustainability Report, 2014).

In an average year, Australia’s cotton growers produce enough cotton to clothe 500 million people.

The Australian cotton industry produced a record crop in 2011/2012, with more than 583,000 hectares planted. This area produced more than 5 million bales, with a total forecast value of close to $3 billion.

The major buyers of Australian cotton are currently China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Thailand (source: Australian Cotton Shippers Association).


Mascot, New South Wales

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