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Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy (QUT)

The Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy brings together QUT’s brightest minds in agriculture and bioeconomy research to help feed the world sustainably and develop cleaner, greener bioproducts. Our unique mix of expertise in plant and industrial biotechnology, synthetic biology, soil science, process engineering, industrial chemistry, social science and business creates a continuum of research and development from laboratory through to real-world impact. We deliver international research, consulting and training solutions in agriculture, biotechnology, biomass processing, and agricultural business and governance.

Our partners include businesses and government agencies across a range of sectors including agriculture, construction, mining and gas, pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology.

Our specialties include:

  • Sustainable agroecosystems: the integrated study of soils, plants and the atmosphere for profitable and environmentally sustainable food and fibre production;
  • Crop and biofactory genomics: including the sequencing, editing and study of the genomes and epigenomes of a wide range of plant species;
  • Banana biotechnology: world leading research working to develop bananas with disease resistance and improved nutrition;
  • Industrial and synthetic biotechnology: engineering biological systems and processes to make important products for society;
  • Bioprocessing: developing agricultural commodities, by-products and waste streams into value-added products; and
  • Agrifood systems: conducting research in food security, waste and governance, and developing technologies and processes for sustainable food systems.

We also have as access to a wide range of world-class research facilities to support research, teaching and learning and enable real-world results. This includes our:

  • Central Analytical Research Facility which provides specialist equipment and expert scientists to help carry out analytical research;
  • Mackay Renewable Biocommodities Pilot Plant which develops and tests innovativeproducts and processes to build a sustainable and profitable bio-based economy; and
  • Research Engineering Facility which provides cutting-edge research engineering andtechnology services including drones, aviation, robotics and autonomous systems.

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