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BuggyBix develops, manufactures and sells insect based pet food products within Australia. We are actively collaborating with Australian insect growers and a leading Australian university to research the functional properties of edible insects for use in commercial applications. More specifically this involves:

• Nutritional analyses of feed inputs, insect composition and product formulations

• Suitable manufacturing and processing techniques

• Development of Australia's first nutritionally complete everyday insect based pet food range

BuggyBix is focused on developing, scaling and distributing our range of insect based pet food products in Australian and international markets. We are currently exploring opportunities with businesses along our value chain. These include:

• Insect farming businesses interested in enhanced production outcomes and/or partnering into value added product opportunities

• Existing agrifood or pet food manufacturing businesses interested diversification opportunities

• Australian and international companies interested in commercialising novel products in the pet food industry

• Investors interested in sustainable alternative protein products

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