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BirdSol Pty Ltd

BirdSol Pty Ltd is an innovative global AgTech company with a patented and novel avian deterrent and wildlife management technology based on an integrated AI system called Cherrp®.

The Cherrp® technology is an AI-powered, bird deterrent solution, which recognises birds by target species using both visual and audible detection systems, communicates to them in their own languages, moving them away from protected locations to alternate feeding sites. More specifically, machine vision is used to identify a particular targeted bird species and then advanced AI algorithms are used to select contextual bio-acoustic sounds which are played to the birds, in their own species-specific language, communicating signals that either repel or attract birds. The Cherrp® technology has been independently verified in field trials to reduce crop loss through birds by over 90%.

By implementing an effective bird deterrent system, Australian crop farmers can increase crop yield, facilitating greater output of crop, growing farm value of crops and contributing to Australia’s food security.

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