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BioScout is an Ag-Tech startup providing near real-time disease surveillance for agriculture. It all started when our CEO, Lewis Collins, was tasked with running a traditional spore trap to detect cereal rust spores. He quickly realised that the data coming in from these traps was too slow to be of practical useful to everyday growers. He set out to automate the process, and BioScout was born.

BioScout automates crop disease detection and tracking through sophisticated and patent-protected biological sensor technology. Our sensors provide farmers with real-time, field-based airborne disease data. Through combining automated microscopy and machine learning, we can see which diseases are present on the crop before plants are even infected. By taking guesswork out of crop disease, growers can have confidence in optimising pest management practices to improving crop yields and quality while reducing their chemical usage and spending.

We are a multidisciplinary team of passionate scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who want to revolutionise airborne disease management and prevent crop loss. Our world-first technology positively impacts food systems, the environment and farmers’ bottom lines.

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