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Bioplatforms Australia

Bioplatforms Australia provides of state of the art biomolecular ('omics) analytical facilities and expertise to enable innovation and discovery in the life sciences.

Our mission is to enhance these research capabilities, support innovation and help transform scientific outcomes into tangible benefits for Australian society, environment and industry. Our 15 facilities across the country typically conduct 1500 contracts a year for academic research, government services, product development and quality control for business. We have a strong emphasis on customer service and encourage engagement with our scientific staff to optimise the outcomes and depth of discovery from your research needs.

Some of the specialty services offered include the following as well as related activities:

  • Genomics, Transcriptomics and Epigenetics - Sequencing, annotation and characterisation of DNA and RNA.
  • Proteomics - Identification, quantification and characterisation of peptides, proteins and post-translational modifications. * Metabolomics - Identification, quantitation and flux of small molecules.
  • Bioinformatics - Computational analysis and interpretation of biological data and systems.

Our federally funded infrastructure network is especially crucial for technology heavy startups and small to medium enterprises to become the Australian bio-industries of the future. Bioplatforms Australia also facilitate greater multi-disciplinary integration in basic and translational bioscience research through initiatives that address scientific challenges of national significance. We provide project management and services to extensive collaborative networks. These efforts have resulted in numerous quality open-source data assets that have been fundamental to the cultivation of scientific discovery. Some achievements to date, these have aided advances in crop development, enhanced quality in the wine industry, soil microbiomes, characterised pathogens in major exports and formedthe basis of conservation in farming and native regions of Australia.

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