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ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture is making discoveries about the adaptive strategies underpinning productivity and resilience in diverse plants. The CoE will deepen knowledge of the genetic and physiological networks driving key traits for safeguarding and sustaining world food supply and biodiversity.

Using novel quantitative and computational approaches, we are linking gene networks with traits across biological levels, giving plant breeders an unparalleled predictive capacity. We will use this understanding to accelerate technologies that will transfer successful networks into crops and build legal frameworks to secure this knowledge.

With our uniquely multidisciplinary team, not only are we future-proofing crops and native plant species, but we are also modernising outdated legal and social frameworks, advancing evolutionary systems biology, establishing Australia as a global leader in these areas, and transforming plant science for the next generation.

The Centre was funded by the ARC in 2020 for seven years under its Centre of Excellence scheme, with further support from our partners totalling $42m cash and $68m in-kind.

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