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Alt Protein CRC

The Alt Protein CRC is a collaboration between industry, research partners and government to develop an alternate protein food and ingredient industry in Australia.

The Alt Protein CRC will conduct transformational science to solve industry challenges and support a sustainable alternate protein food ecosystem to capitalise on growing Australian and export markets. The CRC will bring together, coordinate, and harness the ecosystem of research, industry, community, and government to identify, prioritise and support market-led opportunities for industry in new alternate protein foods and ingredients. This will be achieved through:

  • Respond: Research platform to understand Consumer behaviour, Cultural analysis. Big data analytics and Market access.
  • Develop: Develop a sustainable diverse supply of alternate protein input, qualities and functionalities.
  • Build: Research new and improved sustainable alternate protein production, processing and manufacturing systems.
  • Create: Create supply chain resilience through smart production, manufacturing, value added innovation, authenticity, and circularised economies
  • Ensure: Ensure skill development & training, food qualities, regulatory frameworks, industry collaboration and IP advantage. Educating industry and the community.

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Rapid growth in the global demand for protein to feed the world’s burgeoning population is driving a bid to establish a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Alternate Proteins in Australia. The opportunity exists for additional partners to join the bid and partner to develop solutions to enhance value, develop new protein production systems, new protein foods and ingredients, functionality, sustainability and capacity of this rapidly expanding sector.

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