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Agtuary is creating the Operating System for Sustainable Agriculture and Finance, directly connecting the farm with their advisors, supply chain and finance partners.

Agtuary provides an end-to-end environmental suite of digital tools and the infrastructure to connect GHG, natural capital & on-farm data to finance, agribusinesses, the supply chain & food retail while ensuring compliance & market access.

Agtuary has built the leading farm land analysis platform and a unique ability to natural capital assessments, emissions reporting, property information for rural and agricultural land, geospatial services, historical and forecast climate data, and and is the only reporting platform compliant with local and international frameworks (i.e., TCFD, TNFD, ClimateWorks, GRE).

Agtuary can help to measure natural capital, natural peril, climate change risk scenarios, production, risk, resilience and sustainability for any and every farm (and land parcel) in Australia.

The Agtuary team has deep expertise across finance, property, agriculture, supply chains, science and technology. Prior to Agtuary, we’ve built and scaled digital products that are used by thousands of farmers, professionals and finance consumers every day.

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Logo for Agtuary: land, supply chain and environment analysis platform - $1m seed investment opportunity.
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Agtuary: land, supply chain and environment analysis platform - $1m seed investment opportunity.

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  • Venture capital, angel, corporate venture, strategic investors, strategic partners. 

  ^This opportunity is only for professional and sophisticated investors.  

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    Seeking investment, Seeking partners

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    Late (TRL 8-9)
    Commercial optimisation of the product/service, testing and commercial distribution.

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