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Agricultural Research Federation (AgReFed)

The Agricultural Research Federation (AgReFed) is a co-operative of Data Provider Communities with the shared vision to enable FAIR Agricultural data to accelerate innovation in and increase profitability and sustainability of Australian Agriculture.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of agricultural data from research organisations, government, agricultural producers and other agricultural industry players by providing a data sharing platform which will enable Australian researchers, industry and government to share and use FAIR data to increase the application of knowledge, accelerate innovation and improve decision making.

AgReFed is pursuing this mission by:

  • Bringing together and aligning independent organisations to make strategic and technical decisions about data sharing;
  • Providing a governance and data stewardship framework for collective decision making;
  • Providing the infrastructure, tools and resources for research organisations to develop the capacity to make their Agricultural research data FAIR;
  • Enabling increasingly FAIR data from individual research organisations to be available for use by the broader agricultural research community; and
  • Incorporating and enabling access to complementary data important to agricultural research.

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