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Advanced Manufacturing 4.0 Hub Swinburne University

The Factory of the Future (FoF) represents our industry portal for Industry 4.0. For manufacturing businesses (including agrifood entities), who want to connect to global supply chain and innovate on business model.

The Factory of the Future provides a digital innovation journey through:

  • Digital strategy co-creation through FoF’s Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Hub
  • Exploring how Industry 4.0 technologies enable business outcomes
  • Innovation de-risking.

The Factory of the Future is a response to the evolving needs of industry and the education sector.

Creating partnerships and working in collaboration with Design Factory Melbourne, the Manufacturing Futures Research Institute, and Swinburne’s PAVE, the Factory of the Future is a blueprint for modern innovation. Working collaboratively with the business, Swinburne can develop new products and methods of manufacturing, as well as more productive, value-added business models.

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