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YackerApp: Investment opportunity

Yacker App Founders agronomists Heath McWhirter and Emma Ayliffe

Opportunity for

  • Investors who are interested in purchasing a portion of the app and who have the skill set to help further drive its success
  • We are looking for an investor with an agricultural background or interest that can help us to further the reach of the app.

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

YackerApp has scope to drive human connection change across Australia and overseas by connecting farmers/agricultural professionals to one another at times of need, or when the want for more help arises through phone conversation. We know that there is a lot more information shared and connections built when people have conversations rather than what can be achieved in 140 characters. We know from our research that on other traditional social media only 5% of the population actively participate in online (typed) conversation with a large proportion of people being the silent observers of conversation. These same people aren’t part of the conversations as they are concerned about putting their thoughts into a public domain for fear of ridicule.

We feel YackerApp has the ability to help farmers connect with one another and professionals in the industry thus creating relationships in their nearby communities or further afield, giving them outlets to assistance when necessary and a strong network of contacts for each and every user.

Current opportunity:

There is no other app like YackerApp. We have a great, regular audience based throughout Australia who comment and take part in conversations, but we want to drive this further. We have 960+ downloads of the app but want to increase this into the thousands (if not millions) - we know it's possible but need further assistance to get it there.

We want to collaborate to help increase the reach of our platform by expanding to other areas in agriculture that we don’t know as well as increase the user re-engagement. We would like to get some user experience modelling done to make improvements to the platforms and its usability. We would also like to look at further outsourcing to expand our reach.

Opportunity background:

The app has the ability to post a question they want answered and tag crops and locations. The app will then match that to people’s tags interests, locations, etc. and notify people with matching interest. There are two options in answering questions, for short answers you can comment but there is the ability to hit the call function and make a call to the person to have a broader discussion or flag them to let them know you are happy to discuss with them on a call. We have the functionality over time to have an online/offline and to set call hours that will allow people to connect when suits them. We can make groups on the platform and we would love to partner with investors to explore the potential of this functionality. The app gets away from keyboard warriors as it self regulates with the call function where users can discuss issues or literally call out any abusive posts.

Potential other applications:

Yacker app has a fit for many industries such as education etc. It’s an industry based social media platform so there is higher engagement in the people from that industry. We have has use case examples where a school teacher needed some agricultural info for their students and they used Yacker to gain it.

Opportunity type

Seeking investment, Seeking solutions


Any (TRL 1-9)
For opportunities that are seeking solutions providers who are at any stage of readiness.
What does this mean?
Describes the stage of the challenge or opportunity being pursued.

Opportunity led by

Other rural industries

Yacker App

Yacker is a platform designed to connect farmers, agronomists and other people who work or are involved in agriculture around Australia. It allows its users to ask questions and brainstorm ideas, to help improve their operations or understanding. The platform can be used to road test a new idea, to connect and support farming communities or to share and compare knowledge and experience through answering questions.
  • Location

    Australia Wide

  • Organisation type

    Startup or Scaleup or SME



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