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Australasian Pork Research Institute Limited (APRIL): rapid water quality assessment hardware

Opportunity for

  • Water testing service providers: state, local government, irrigation bodies, sampling laboratories with access to water sampling and testing facilities
  • Commercial irrigation, horticultural, water sampling service providers capable to commercialising a rapid water testing solution.

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

Water is a scarce and valuable resource. But not all water is the same. Being able to assess the quality of water on-farm and across the agricultural supply chain is critical to knowing the suitability of water for livestock, irrigation, food processing, manufacturing, cleaning etc. Timely assessment of the chemical properties of water can determine its value for application across different use cases and timely decision making.

The current method for testing water quality requires $100+ in labour and laboratory testing, transport of samples and 5-7 days before a result is received. This time delay and cost impacts businesses ability to make informed decisions regarding the most valuable input and scarce resource.

A significant opportunity exists to be able to have real-time water testing technology that is rapid (seconds not days) and cost effective per sample. This would provide businesses the information required to streamline decision making, but also conduct more frequent tests across primary production, water management services, treatment facilities and along the whole supply chain. This technology would be applicable to all industries (agriculture, mining, water treatment etc.) that require timely water quality assessment.

Current opportunity:

APRIL, HoneAG and Ridley have designed and validated an early MVP for a rapid water testing device and are seeking a suitable commercial partner that currently tests high volumes of water samples to support commercialisation of the technology.

Current state:

Water quality and its management represents a significant challenge to the livestock industries. Rapid, on-site testing of water quality will enable timely, cost-effective decision-making. By having access to this simple yet robust technology, livestock producers and technical decision-makers will be better placed to understand their individual water quality challenges and in turn implement appropriate actions to ensure not only optimal animal productivity, health and welfare but also economic benefits and efficiencies. Furthermore, this technology is translatable across other agricultural and industry sectors where rapid diagnostics are needed.

The suitable water testing service provider would support an APRIL commercialisation project to add to the current data set and improve the robustness of the calibrations. There is opportunity for collaborator/investor to refine and or advise on additional calibration set suitable to agricultural or industries requiring rapid diagnostics.

Opportunity background:

APRIL and HoneAG have designed and validated a MVP portable NIR device, capable of assessing more than 13 water quality parameters. The parameters include standard variables, alkali metals, heavy metals and microbiology.

The hand-held device capabilities include:

  • Provide results from scan in less than 45 sec for all parameters.
  • Immersion probe compatible for in-line applications
  • Compact, transportable design with battery compatibility
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • API compatible for result delivery to any platform

Application of technology:

  • In-field or in-lab water quality monitoring
  • Raw water testing
  • Early detection of pollution
  • On-farm water testing – prior to water medication or treatment
  • Grey water testing
  • Trade water monitoring
  • Potable re-use water.

A multi-parameter rapid diagnostic technology for measuring water quality is not available for the livestock and agricultural industries. Currently water samples are taken on site and then sent to the laboratory for wet chemistry. The turn around is up to 7 days delaying decision making and compromising production. A hand-held NIR device offers a rapid measure of water quality parameters in less than 60 seconds, markedly improving decision making and potential problem solving.

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Opportunity type

Seeking partners


Early (TRL 1-4)
Describes the challenge or opportunity being pursued and undertakes preliminary R&D to determine if the concept is feasible.
What does this mean?
Describes the stage of the challenge or opportunity being pursued.

Opportunity led by


Australasian Pork Research Institute (APRIL)

The Australasian Pork Research Institute (APRIL) is an independent, member-based research organisation that seeks to benefit the Australasian pork industry by investing in research and development, education and training, and commercialisation activities focused on priorities and deliverables that ensure the sustainability of Australasian pork production and generates optimal returns for the industry.
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    Research funding body

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  • Led by

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  • Opportunity type

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  • Readiness
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    Describes the challenge or opportunity being pursued and undertakes preliminary R&D to determine if the concept is feasible.

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