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Traitomic: Non-GM genetic variants for accelerated precision breeding - commercial/research partners

Opportunity for

  • Researchers, plant breeders, plant molecular biologists, plant biologists, plant pathologists, plant bioinformatics, and pre-breeders.

Opportunity description

Industry challenge

Traitomic A/S is a company spun out from the renowned Carlsberg Research Laboratory. Leveraging 100 years’ of Carlsberg’s trait development capabilities, Traitomic is helping customers and partners to advance their breeding pipelines. Traitomic has the largest, and fastest growing, portfolio of traits, and in just a few years Traitomic has successfully developed >100 traits in >25 different crops, using only conventional breeding technologies.

Current opportunity

Traitomic is seeking engagement from industry and academia withing agricultural food science and plant science to solve the world largest food challenges. Benefit of working with Traitomic are the use of genetic diversity for precision breeding at unprecedented speed to develop traits in plants. Recent partnership with Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) means Australian research and industry can access libraries in lupins and oats. We also constantly expanded our Australian portfolio with canola as a newly added crop with more crops to come!

Opportunity background

Traitomic is specialized in developing vast libraries of genetic variants in elite germplasm to identify traits of interest in plants and microbes with an innovative and patented screening method. We have established successful collaborations within universities, and the agri-food industry. The method was validated in various crops, including several legumes as well as tropical plants for the identification of valuable traits. This non-GM approach can lead from seed to trait in a few weeks, thereby accelerating time to market for commercial endeavors.

Potential other applications

Utilizing only traditional breeding techniques, TRAITOMIC fast-tracks the identification of traits by combining large genetic libraries. The platform technology is also routinely used to develop microbial strains for applications in food, feed, and agricultural bio-solutions. We are open to working with any crop or microbe.

Opportunity type

Seeking partners

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Tuesday, 31 December 2024 23:00 Australia/Sydney
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Traitomic pioneers a ground-breaking trait development tool, that reimagines conventional breeding and strain development. Spun out from Carlsberg Research Laboratory's …
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