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Bitwise Agronomy: AI crop analysis platform - investment opportunity

Fiona Turner, CEO at Bitwise Agronomy

Opportunity for

  • Family offices, angel investors, high net worth investors, VCs and strategic investors^.

    ^This opportunity is only for professional and sophisticated investors.

Opportunity description

Industry challenge

Accurate yield forecasting is a huge problem for farmers. Millions of growers globally are dealing with high stress, bankruptcy, and ultimately a lack of food security because they use their gut and intuition to understand how much crop they’ve got to pick.

This often results in only 50% yield accuracy - which means a grower might think they’re going to pick 5 tonnes of strawberries - and instead they pick 9.5 tonnes. This over or under supply leads to volatile prices at the supermarket - sometimes consumers pay $7 a punnet, sometimes they pay $2 a punnet. And when consumers enjoy a $2 punnet, growers are losing money on their farms.

Bitwise Agronomy solves this problem by providing highly accurate forecasts to growers. We use AI technology that can see like humans, but more accurately, more consistently and at a superhuman speed. Our GreenView system helps growers predict yield to 90% accuracy (or better) - giving confidence to the entire supply chain and helping growers achieve a higher market price.

We're farmers ourselves, so we understand the challenges that growers face every season. Accurate yield forecasting is the holy grail of profitable production - and now growers can achieve this with GreenView.

Current opportunity

Bitwise Agronomy is at the cusp of scaling.

We’ve achieved product market fit for GreenView and are currently working with the biggest growers in berries, including Driscoll’s Global in the USA, African Blue in North Africa and Australia, Camposol in South America, Perfection in Australia and Angus Soft Fruits in the UK and Europe.

We’re at the point of expanding with these customers, connecting with new growers and regions, and scaling our product.

Investment funds will be used to:

  • Grow our sales operations
  • Build our AI for Customer Success
  • Target and expand into the USA, UK and South American markets
  • Develop new data product features
  • Global Trends
  • Market Pulse

To find out more about this opportunirty or to express interest go to "Enquire now".

Opportunity background

The customers we are currently working with are some of the biggest and best in their regions. Including:

  • Driscoll’s Global - USA
  • African Blue (Costa Group) - North Africa / Australia
  • Camposol - South America
  • Perfection - Australia
  • Angus Soft Fruits - UK / Europe
  • S&A - UK / Europe
  • WB Chambers - UK / Europe
  • Pinata Farms - Australia
  • Agrovision - South America

These companies have a combined revenue of $US 5.5 billion.

Please contact us for more information on our past investment and funding.

Potential other applications

Bitwise Agronomy is working with high value, intensive horticulture crops like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, mini cucumbers (qukes), wine and table grapes to deliver precision analytics to help forecast yield and manage variability.

Whilst Bitwise Agronomy’s GreenView AI platform is currently laser focused on high turnover high value crops, there is potential application to other agricultural systems if market led demand is evident.

^Professional and sophisticated investors as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). The content of this opportunity is intended for use by persons having professional experience in matters relating to investments and must not be acted or relied upon by any other person including, without limitation, retail clients.

Opportunity type

Seeking investment

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Tuesday, 31 December 2024 23:00 Australia/Sydney


Late (TRL 8-9)
Commercial optimisation of the product/service, testing and commercial distribution.
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Bitwise Agronomy

The first product produced by Bitwise Agronomy is Greenview, which combines computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence to count …
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