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The Leaf Protein Co - $750k SAFE note Fundraising Round

Opportunity for

  • Angel Investors interested in supporting an alternative protein start-up to grow (raising $375k from Angels matched with government funding). 

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

Leaf Protein is an abundant plant protein that can help feed our growing population, expected to reach 10 billion people by 2050. Despite the increasing demand for plant-based foods, food companies around the world face three critical problems in meeting this demand:

  • A lack of biodiversity in the number of plant proteins available
  • Of the three predominant plant proteins used today (soy, wheat and pea) two of them contain allergens (wheat and soy) and for those grown as large monoculture crops there is consumer concerns about genetic modification
  • As consumers have become more selective about the ingredients in their foods, food companies are in turn forced to become more selective about the ingredients they use, including their environmental impact as well as nutritional value.

Opportunity background:

In its first year, The Leaf Protein Co has developed 50% - 80% protein concentrate and isolate ingredients from three different leaf sources. Thereby proving the viability of developing a library of leaf protein ingredients from different edible plants.

Basic leaf protein extraction processes have previously been used to produce low-grade animal feed. The Leaf Protein Co are refining and innovating on this extraction process to commercially scale production of high-quality food-grade protein concentrate and isolate ingredients.

Their research focuses on developing specific extraction IP and protocols optimised to different leaf sources to produce a “clean-label” ingredient that is free from unwanted chemical residue. This leaf protein ingredient is a specialty protein ingredient as it not only offers protein but also additional foaming, gelling and emulsification properties. This is relevant to plant-based meat and dairy companies as it could be used to improve the texture and mouthfeel of their products.

Current opportunity:

The Leaf Protein Co is seeking angel investors to participate in their $750k SAFE note fundraising round (raising $375k from Angels matched with government funding) to support them to:

  • Fund their pilot scale production (kg to 100’s of kg)
  • Further R&D and IP development, particularly around developing a food matrices and prototypes to show how leaf protein can be used in plant-based meat or dairy and beverage or snack-food product categories.

Seeking angel investors with specific interest in alternate proteins, who may also be interested in waste and crop by-product usage or have experience in supporting start-ups to scale production.

As at 17 January 2022, The Leaf Protein co has successfully rasied $250k of the $375k target.

Potential other applications:

Related opportunities in the agriculture sector include the valorisation of multiple green leaf crop-by products. There’s also the opportunity to increase cropping of regenerative leaf sources such as saltbush, to simultaneously help regenerate unproductive saline soil while being a source of leaf protein.

Opportunity type

Seeking investment

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31 March 2022
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Mid (TRL 5-7)
Proof of concept in the laboratory then in the field resulting in the development of a minimum viable product (MVP).
What does this mean?
Describes the stage of the challenge or opportunity being pursued.

Project led by

Multiple industries
Alternative protein Packaged food Vegetables

The Leaf Protein Co.

The Leaf Protein Co are unlocking Earth’s most abundant source of protein, RuBisCo, from green leaves. Our leaf protein ingredients are high in protein, free from allergens, not genetically modified and sourced from crop by-products and regenerative plants.

Multiple industries
Alternative protein Packaged food Vegetables
  • Location

    Australia and The USA

  • Organisation type

    Startup or Scaleup or SME

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