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Accelerator Program - Request for proposal

Opportunity for

  • Accelerators wishing to support the placement of grains focussed innovations
  • Investors looking for opportunities to grow and transform the Australian grains industry

Opportunity description

Industry challenge: There is growing momentum in Australia and overseas for the development and greater adoption of Agtech innovation through support of start-up incubation/acceleration programs. In Australia there has been a lack of grains-focused innovations in these emerging programs, and most efforts are currently focused on other industries or retail opportunities with little or no relevance to grains production or downstream value chains. Many other Accelerators are diversified and industry agnostic, and new Accelerators are being established on a regular basis.

GRDC’s current idea network is very successful at identifying and resourcing ideas relating to broad industry and technology agnostic constraints and opportunities. However, there is currently no mechanism to receive and support the assessment of the feasibility of novel and innovative business concepts, particularly those arising directly from non-traditional sources. This includes innovative growers, and researchers and innovators that are not regularly exposed to agricultural industry priorities.

Current opportunity: GRDC is seeking proposals from interested respondents to collaborate, partner and accelerate the development and commercialisation of solutions focused on Australian grain industry priorities.

To support the development of grains-focussed innovation, GRDC proposes to interact with accelerator programs non-exclusively. This provides the greatest opportunity to match innovators with accelerators given the number of programs available and the potentially wide geographic spread of both accelerator programs and potential applicants.

Investments will need to be consistent with GRDC’s research, development and extension priorities which can be found in their Strategic Plan.

GRDC’s objectives are to:

  • Support the placement of grains-focused innovations, identified as having commercial potential, into the existing Australian Accelerator Network
  • Drive the delivery and adoption of new technologies and innovation concepts more broadly across the industry to make grain growers more efficient, profitable and resilient
  • Develop new expertise and talent, attracted to provide innovation for the Australian grains industry
  • Establish a new business model/mechanism to attract and deliver disruptive and transformational technologies and innovations
  • Create new partnerships that accelerate commercialisation and increase collaboration between the Grains Industry and the Agtech ecosystem
  • Invest for a period up until June 2023, subject to a successful initial review.

Details of the tender and the application process can be found on the "Visit website" button.

Potential other applications: GRDC recognises that innovation is increasingly being driven by Agtech startups in Australia and overseas and has launched three key initiatives. These include "Growers as Innovators" (also known as Farmers2Founders Harvest Program and Farmers2Founders Hatch Program, this "Accelerator Program" and the GrainInnovate venture capital fund.

Opportunity type

Seeking interest

Express interest by

1 December 2021
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Early (TRL 1-4)
Describes the challenge or opportunity being pursued and undertakes preliminary R&D to determine if the concept is feasible.
What does this mean?
Describes the stage of the challenge or opportunity being pursued.

Project led by

Multiple industries
Grains Other rural industries Pulse grains

Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)

GRDC's purpose is to invest in RD&E to create enduring profitability for Australian growers. We invest in projects and …

Multiple industries
Grains Other rural industries Pulse grains
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    Research funding body

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GrainInnovate – AgTech Venture Capital Fund

Opportunity for

  • Individuals and companies building a technology-enabled early stage business with application to Australian grain growers
  • Equity investors interested in exploring co-investment opportunities relevant to the Grain Innovate Fund
  • Led by

    Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)

  • Opportunity type

    Seeking interest, Seeking investment

  • Readiness
    Mid (TRL 5-7)
    Proof of concept in the laboratory then in the field resulting in the development of a minimum viable product (MVP).

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