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Regional Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (RAMCRC) bid

Opportunity for

  • Additional research institutions, solution providers and investment partners to join the RAMCRC bid and participate in the research programs and initiatives addressing the challenges faced by regional manufacturers. 

Industry challenge

The Australian manufacturing sector employs around 860,000 people, generates more than $100B in economic value and over $50B in exports. Regional manufacturers play an important part and contribute around one-third of these economic and employment outcomes. However, regional competitiveness, productivity and sustainability are threatened by access to technology and talent, climate change, supply chain disruption and macro socio-economic shifts.

The RAMCRC will establish a collaborative ecosystem of sovereign regional manufacturing capability and scale to support job creation, productivity improvement, and business growth while helping regional communities adapt to future economic shocks and the impact of climate change.

Regionally based sectors such as agriculture, food and beverage, mining and resources, energy, health and social services, transport and supply chain logistics will all benefit from these research activities.

Opportunity background

RAMCRC bid industry partners include those directly involved in or with strategic interests in the food and beverage, recycling and clean energy, and mining equipment sectors.

RAMCRC has developed four research programs:

  • Advanced and Green Materials: Ensuring next generation manufacturing is clean, green and sustainable.
  • Circularity and Energy Futures: Creating manufacturing opportunities for businesses to be part of the new energy economy, as well as improving energy efficiency and performance.
  • Collaborative Machines: Looking towards the future by implementing transformative technologies.
  • Business and Community Resilience: A cross-cutting program to improve business robustness, diversity and strong community ecosystems.

A Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) is an industry-led collaboration between industry, researchers, government and the community.

Current opportunity

The RAM CRC bid team is actively seeking additional research institutions, solution providers and investment partners to join their second stage bid to establish a seven year CRC. Partners would be anticipated to contribute to the development of research programs and prioritisation of key research projects for the stage two bid.

The team is currently waiting formal advice, anticipated to be provided December 2021, from Cooperative Research Australia on their stage one bid submitted in late August 2021. Stage two bids would then be due for submission in February 2022.

Participant organisations and centres

During stage 1 RAM CRC confirmed 63 partners including: Active Research Pty Ltd, Australian Engineering Solutions, AustEng, Beyond Materials Group, BNNT Technology Limited, Bosch Australia, Bradken Resources, Carbon Revolution Operations, Civion Construction, Clean Energy Resources, Conflux Technology, Cytomatrix Limited, Curtin University, Deakin University, Energy 360, Escavox, Federation University, Food and Fibre – Great South Coast, FormFlow, Global 3D, Gordon Institute of TAFE, HEIQ, Impact Innovation Group, JRS Manufacturing Group, Laserbond, Li-S Energy, Midfield Meat International Ltd, Mirreco Product, Partington.CC, Quickstep, Sanitex-Global, Scotbar, Smartizer, SRJ Technology, Stonelake, Stratagem, The Australian Turntable Company, Transform Metals, TS Global, University of Canberra, University of Southern Queensland, University of Queensland, Virtual Simulation Systems, White Graphene, Xefco

Opportunity type

Seeking investment, Research partner, Seeking partners

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31 January 2022
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