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Jane's Weather - Weather forecasting and alert system application - $750,000 fundraising round

Opportunity for

  • Investors seeking equity investment in a novel weather forecasting and alert system digital application

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

Every day, weather forecasts are calculated by several global weather models. Traditional weather forecasts and apps show the solution from only one of these, so you need to consult numerous sources to see the full picture. Then you need to spend time and effort comparing the different advice in your head, from what is actually publicly available.

Farmers spend far too much time and effort consulting these different sources every day, trying to divine what is most likely. And they can only see what is publicly available, or spend thousands of dollars on incomplete overseas platforms. If Australian farmers don’t make the effort or pay the expense, they end up relying on poor guidance which leads to costly mistakes.

Jane's Weather is bringing all these weather forecasts together into the one platform. But we don’t stop there. We let you see the different outcomes side by side to easily determine what is most likely to occur. We blend this into one Consensus forecast giving you confidence in the data. We also set industry specific alerts so Australian farmers never miss information that is important to them.

Partner with Jane Bunn, a trusted broadcast meteorologist for over 16 years, from BoM, The Weather Channel, WIN News, ABC News, and the past 7 years at 7NEWS Melbourne. Jane’s mission is and has always been, to make sure you have the best weather information. Now she is developing a platform to provide that for as many people as she can.

Current opportunity:

Janes Weather is seeking investment of up to $750 000 from angel, corporate, institutional investors looking for a novel weather forecasting and alert system service.

In four months since MVP the platform has acquired 215 paying subscribers and 1250 free subscribers. Converted from a 4000 contact mailing list, and Jane Bunn’s social media. During periods of significant weather the platform has around 2000 users per day. No money has been spent on marketing so far.

Four advertising partners have paid $57,000 upfront. Prior investment raised $400,000.

The platforms data scientists have successfully blended three models to produce a consensus, and Janes Weather are seeking further funding to add the fourth model – the missing piece of the puzzle.

Four times higher accuracy than traditional apps, available 11 to 34 hours ahead of BoM. Specific information letting farmers make decisions, with Alerts so they never miss an opportunity and minimise risk.

Further funding will be used to:

  • Buy Euro model data to make the Consensus the best on the market
  • Conduct targeted advertising campaigns to covert more users
  • Expand the team to complete platform development – with current conditions (satellite, radar, Australia’s largest observation network, lightning and warnings – both official and industry specific – centred around the users location), long range outlooks (no more vague maps - we offer specialised guidance so Australian farmers can make the most of their land).

Other applications:

The technology will be invaluable to Australian farmers, as well as those in construction, mining, forestry, fire services, aviation and logistics. 1.6 million Australians have a need to make commercial decisions based on the weather every day and we will make sure they have access to the best guidance available.

Global expansion is anticipated in the future.

The product will be sold to companies, white labelling the complete Jane’s Weather platform to businesses that serve the agricultural community (ie fertiliser, banking, machinery, real estate etc), so they can offer the Jane’s Weather Consensus directly to their customers.

The aim is to form partnerships with smaller businesses, to provide them with an essential forecast service that beats any free service, and associates them with the Jane’s Weather brand and the trust of Jane Bunn.

For further information, our pitch deck or financials, please go to "enquire now" and submit an enquiry.

Opportunity type

Seeking investment

Express interest by

1 August 2022


Mid (TRL 5-7)
Proof of concept in the laboratory then in the field resulting in the development of a minimum viable product (MVP).
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Describes the stage of the challenge or opportunity being pursued.

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Jane's Weather

Every day, weather forecasts are calculated by several global weather models. Traditional weather forecasts and apps show the solution from only one of these, so you either rely on that and hope for the best, or consult numerous sources to see the full picture. The second option involves spending time and effort comparing the different advice in your head.

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    Australia wide

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    Startup or Scaleup or SME

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