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HydGene Renewables - Engineers of a synthetic biocatalyst to produce net-zero hydrogen on-site and on-demand from renewable biomass and food industry waste – Investment opportunity

Opportunity for

  • Investors in deep tech science seeking advanced solutions and commercial market opportunities in clean tech

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

To achieve a sustainable circular economy and drive towards net-zero requires new solutions for how we can better extract value from our waste sources. Often burnt in the field or buried as land-fill, plant based biomass from the forestry, farming and food sectors is a massive untapped resource for bioenergy production if efficient and scalable solutions can be found.

Decarbonising industries with clean hydrogen will be key for achieving global net-zero targets. Across the agricultural and forestry sector, clean hydrogen can provide a ‘cure-all’ solution to meet growing fuel and fertiliser needs; and can provide a cost-competitive off-grid solution for electricity generation. However, hydrogen today first needs to be decarbonised as more than 99% is made from fossil-fuels. While efforts to make green hydrogen at scale are increasing and focused on electrolysis using large scale renewable sources, the greater challenge is then getting the hydrogen to the customer. Transport and storage of hydrogen is complex and costly, and can more than triple the final cost of the hydrogen. Solutions are needed that simplify the hydrogen supply chain by safely producing low-cost clean hydrogen only when it is needed and where it will be used. eg. on farms, mills and factories.

HydGene Renewables has engineered a synthetic biocatalyst that generates carbon-neutral and high purity hydrogen from renewable plant-based feedstocks, such as straw stubble, hay, sugar-cane, wood-chips and food-waste. The hydrogen is made on-site and on-demand; to eliminate the need, complexities, and high costs of hydrogen storage and transport. The biocatalyst is deployed in a modular cartridge with a small footprint and does not compete with arable farming land. The modular cartridge can be scaled to support the decarbonisation of various industries including the farming sector (for heating, power, transport) and chemical manufacturing (for ammonia production). The solution does not require ‘the sun to shine or wind to blow’, the hydrogen can be produced around-the-clock. This safe solution reliably ‘fills the renewable energy gap’ and provides value adding opportunities for the agricultural and food-waste sectors.

Current opportunity:

HydGene Renewables are seeking engagement from seed stage investors, venture capital and other institutions to scale up production and increase the efficiency of the biocatalyst to produce low-cost hydrogen (<$3/kg). Funds will be used for field testing of commercial hydrogen producing cartridge units (equivalent to a 300-400W commercial solar panel) with various feedstock sources. Further information can be provided on request.

See editorial 'Green hydrogen solution for Australian agriculture ready for investment'.

Other potential applications:

Our biocatalyst can use sugars from biomass that traditional fermentation processes cannot utilise. Therefore, future opportunities would include the expansion of our platform technology to produce other valuable commodities from cheap biomass sources. Using advanced synthetic biology engineering tools, we can engineer our stable and robust biocatalyst system to switch our production to other low-volume high-value chemicals. Please contact us for further information on our platform technology and suitable feedstock sources.

Opportunity type

Seeking investment

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1 August 2022


Mid (TRL 5-7)
Proof of concept in the laboratory then in the field resulting in the development of a minimum viable product (MVP).
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Multiple industries
Cereal grains Cross industry Forestry Fruits Nuts Other rural industries Pasture, fodder & feed Sugar Wine

HydGene Renewables

HydGene Renewables: On-demand renewable hydrogen from bio-waste. As synthetic biologists and engineers, at HydGene Renewables, we are revolutionising the way …

Multiple industries
Cereal grains Cross industry Forestry Fruits Nuts Other rural industries Pasture, fodder & feed Sugar Wine
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    Sydney (based), operate Australia wide

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    Startup or Scaleup or SME

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