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GoMicro pre-seed to seed raise (AI powered phone microscope)

Opportunity for

  • Deep tech or agricultural investors, angel, VC, family office or institutional investors
  • Investors interested in supporting a food technology company scale productisation and manufacturing of their AI powered phone microscope

Opportunity description

Opportunity background:

Food quality throughout the value chain is difficult to assess and is the cause of dispute and food loss as buyers and sellers lack effective ways of agreeing on quality.

GoMicro has developed a food technology to help farmers and agronomists detect pests, disease and assess food quality accurately, initially focusing on grains and fisheries. GoMicro’s patent-pending technology uses a combination of AI, mobile phone and phone attachment. The solution creates lab-quality imaging conditions significantly increasing the accuracy of detection, reducing the number of images needed for training purposes, resulting in the most accurate AI detection that is available at this level magnification.

GoMicro’s AI powered phone microscope solution has been successfully tested on seafood, horticulture, and grain products.

The solution is currently being implemented in seafood supply chains by major companies in India and Sri Lanka with a 96% accuracy rate in measuring and monitoring freshness of fish throughout the supply chain, which is significant given these supply chains currently experience 20-30% food loss due to damage and quality issues.

Similar commercial testing of GoMicro's solution is being undertaken by companies in India to assess grain and corn quality, as well as pest and leaf disease detection.

Current Opportunity:

GoMicro is seeking investors to participate in their $50k pre-seed to seed raise to support their growth who either:

  • Have an interest in investing in the agricultural technologies for the grains and aquaculture industries
  • Have an appetite to extend the application of GoMicro technology across sectors and applications
  • Have an interest in investing in deep tech solutions for the agriculture sector.

GoMicro is currently in discussion with investors for their seed round to close January – February 2022.

Potential other applications:

There is potential to extend the application of GoMicro AI and mobile device technology across sectors and applications.

Opportunity type

Seeking investment

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January 2022
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Mid (TRL 5-7)
Proof of concept in the laboratory then in the field resulting in the development of a minimum viable product (MVP).
What does this mean?
Describes the stage of the challenge or opportunity being pursued.

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GoMicro brings phone powered AI to agriculture. It allows farmers to detect pests and plant disease accurately. It also allows …

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