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GoMicro: AI for quality assessment - $1 million pre-seed cap raise

GoMicro's innovative technology

Opportunity for

  • Deep tech or agricultural investors, angel, VC, family office or institutional investors
  • Investors interested in investing in scaling AI solutions that can help improve efficiencies, reduce quality related trade risks, reduce food waste within the agri-value chain. 

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

The food industry faces significant challenges in the assessment of quality, which is mostly done manually giving rise to inaccurate assessments and disputes due the subjectivity involved in manual assessment. Accurate AI Assessment can remove subjectivity and achieve a much higher assessment accuracy.

Subjective and unreliable quality assessment can result in uncertainty and trade conflicts, contributing to global food waste.

GoMicro has developed and deployed an AI powered quality assessment technology, that has capability to assess quality on a wide range of agricultural products, faster, cheaper and more consistantly than ever before. This breakthrough technology can assess the freshness of fresh produce. The technology has been validated on grains, fruits, vegetables, and seafood.

Their solution creates lab-quality imaging conditions by using a patent pending device that significantly increases the accuracy of detection and reduces the number of images needed for training purposes. GoMicro’s AI detection is now being used by companies in Australia for assessing grain and vegetables and is being trialled by major supermarket chains in the US for assessing fruit quality.

Current opportunity:

GoMicro is seeking investors to participate in their $1 million pre-seed raise to support their growth and who either, have an interest in investing in the agricultural technologies for the grains, horticulture, or seafood; have an appetite to extend the application of GoMicro AI assessment technology across sectors and applications; or, have an interest in investing in game changing deep tech solutions for the agriculture sector.

GoMicro is post revenue, has a growing client list and is seeking investment to scale their business operations. They have a significant pipeline of major companies in the food industry currently trialling the technology for adoption in Australia and overseas.

GoMicro’s business model is a hybrid model, based on AI assessment as a service (with recurrent revenue) and a device sales model. GoMicro plans to use its assessment capabilities to generate certificates for products that meet quality standards that can then be used for online sale and trade of agricultural produce globally.

GoMicro has patents pending in Australia, the US, the EU, China, India, and Canada, and have recently expanded their operations, opening offices in Singapore and the US for supporting 3 major US multinationals, keen to explore the use of GoMicro’s AI technology.

Potential other applications

GoMicro’s technology solution has the potential to transform global trade based on their quality assurance and traceability certification in fresh produce and grain. Currently their technology can accurately quality assess strawberries, tomatoes, soy, lentil, wheat, and tuna.

There is potential to further extend the application of GoMicro AI and mobile device technology across other sectors and applications.

If you wuld like to know more about this opportunity, or to get involed, you can reach out via the "Enquire now" button above.

Opportunity type

Seeking investment, Seeking partners

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15 February 2023
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Late (TRL 8-9)
Commercial optimisation of the product/service, testing and commercial distribution.
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GoMicro brings phone powered AI to agriculture. It allows farmers to detect pests and plant disease accurately. It also allows …

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    Adelaide, Australia & Singapore

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    Startup or Scaleup or SME

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