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Escavox: food supply chain platform $5m cap raise to scale into US market

Opportunity for

  • Tech-savvy investors with experience in the global food supply chain.
  • Investors who can provide advice and support for Escavox to transition from a start-up business model to an operating entity with growing sales in Australia and a footprint in the USA.

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

Food wastage costs $36.6 billion domestically and $1.5 trillion globally per annum. Supply chain complexity prevents information flow between parties, this can result in food spoilage or waste. Escavox addresses information flow along the supply chain, reducing rejections and increasing quality; ultimately preventing waste.

Current Opportunity:

Escavox is seeking engagement from investors, to raise $5M to fully commercialise and start their entry to the US market. The product is in market with over 40,000 billed transactions across 100 clients. Margins and demand is growing, despite no active sales or marketing plan executed to date.

Investors will help commercialise the business with a direct spend into sales and marketing. This will help build the Australian base and allow initial entry into the US market. Once a US presence is established, we anticipate a significant investment round to accelerate growth in the new market. Investors will also help shape the positioning of the business USP to enable maximum return on subsequent rounds.

Opportunity background:

A turnkey platform has been developed and deployed, combining hardware, software, support and analytics.

Escavox has two key unique selling propositions (USPs):

  1. The manner and speed at which data is processed related to food supply chains.
  2. Escavox is hardware agnostic, allowing integration with existing systems.

Key features and benefits:

  • Real time compliance reporting for temperature-controlled supply chain, irrespective of location.
  • Users see immediate reduction in claims, protecting brand reputation

Potential other applications

Escavox is suitable for tracking of any temperature sensitive cargo such as pharmaceuticals. Escavox supports reporting sustainability impacts of cold chain, such as food miles.

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You can also read more about Escavox and how they are keeping fresh food better for longer here.

Opportunity type

Seeking investment, Seeking solutions


Late (TRL 8-9)
Commercial optimisation of the product/service, testing and commercial distribution.
What does this mean?
Describes the stage of the challenge or opportunity being pursued.

Opportunity led by

Multiple industries
Alternative protein Aquaculture Beef cattle Beverage Dairy Eggs Fruits Packaged food Pork Poultry Vegetables


Escavox changes how you view the fresh food supply chain. We measure, in real time, the impact the supply chain has on product. This information is used to drive operational decisions every day and strategic decisions over time.

Multiple industries
Alternative protein Aquaculture Beef cattle Beverage Dairy Eggs Fruits Packaged food Pork Poultry Vegetables
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  • Organisation type

    Startup or Scaleup or SME

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